Black Hat SEO Tactics that You Need to Avoid


In the world of SEO, you need to follow certain policies. Rules have been established for a relevant, useful, and safe environment. It also makes sure that the users have a quality experience. If you have to rank high, you need to keep up with the SEO trends and the constant changes in the algorithms.

There are people who try to outsmart the search engines for bringing organic traffic to the website without even following the rules that have been set down. They try to break the rule instead. This is referred to as the dark side of SEO and is used by some SEO agency in Sydney. If you are curious then take a look at the common black hat SEO practices mentioned below.

Stuffing of Meta Description

Apart from keyword stuffing, there is another thing that you need to take care of and that is stuffing of meta tag/description. This practice of piling meta descriptions and meta tags with the phrases and keywords is simply an effort to convince the search engine crawlers to rank and index the webpages higher in the search engine for the phrases and keywords.

Since meta descriptions and meta tags are self-reported data regarding what the website is all about, the webs crawlers pay more attention to the content of the site than the metadata. Meta description/tag might fool the crawler to rank the page higher for certain phrases and keywords but without proper keywords in the content, any changes in the ranking in the search engine will be pretty brief. Moreover, it might grab negative attention towards the website.


Cloaking is also a black hat strategy where the SEO practitioners tend to code the sites and the webpages in such a manner that the crawlers are able to see one version but use another one. This is an unethical practice since websites are designed for the users and not simply for the search engines. As a matter of fact, one of the significant guidelines of Google webmaster is not to deceive the users with certain content in the search engine and something different when they open it.

Cloaking is used for highlighting content in cases when the design of the site is friendly to the users but not to the search engines.

Hidden Texts

Quite similar to cloaking is the method of hiding texts. This is a black hat technique in which the text is configured to be unreadable or invisible SEO Company might hide links for increasing the density of the keywords in a page or for the improvement of the internal structure of the link. However, crawlers usually take the hidden text as a spam but with cloaking hidden texts can be used for highlighting text which is ignored or unreadable for a majority of the search engines.

If you have a strong foundation of SEO then your site will have long-term traffic generating strategy. If you take care to avoid the above techniques then you will be able to bring your website on the right track and protect it from the Google penalties. Make sure that SEO agency in Sydney does not use these techniques for improving your website visibility.


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