The Most Affordable Quality SEO Packages

1Most new and small businesses find it rather difficult to effectively use SEO services to grow their companies. This is because ranking higher than your competition on the web is both time-consuming and expensive. As a result, it is easier for big and established businesses to enjoy SEO benefits, as they can afford them. The good news is that we make SEO services affordable and readily available to any business in the U.S. We have four affordable SEO plans that promise to get your website more traffic.

The Blue Package favors smaller business or businesses that already have other web traffic sources. Such businesses may be seeking additional traffic, and the Blue Package is ideal for them. The cost of this plan per month is $249,and it focuses on 5 keywords for your SEO campaign.

Our Silver Package has a slightly wider focus than the Blue . Up to 15 keywords are used.This may perhaps explain why it is the most preferred package.The Silver SEO plan therefore better suitsmedium-sized businesses that offer additional services and products. The package will only cost you $499 every month.

For campaigns requiring 25 keywords, the Gold Package is the ultimate SEO solution. Itsuits your business needs if you offer various and diverse services. The 25 keywords are enough to cover all major areas of your website fully. It comes at a cost of $799 per month.

Lastly, the Platinum package costs $999 per month, and is especially useful where your SEO campaign requires more than 25 keywords. The package is designed for businesses running SEO campaigns on a larger scale or with competition in mind.

All the four packages cover link building, daily ranking reports, and page optimization for specific keywords. With us there are no set-up fees or obligatory contracts that weigh you down.

Custom-Made SEO

There are times,of course,when the needs of your business require tailor-made solutions outside the stated packages. In such cases, we welcome your inquiry and promise to respond as soon as we are able to develop custom-made plans for your unique needs. Our flexible approach means that we can accommodate your needs in ways that others may be unable to.

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