The Right Questions to Ask Before Hiring a SEO Company

These days, a business cannot afford to ignore search engine optimization if it wants to attract customers and become a success. On the other hand, it is not possible for most companies to have their own SEO teams in-house. Instead, they need to hire a SEO company. That is certainly a cost-effective solution but only when you know that you have hired the right company.

That can be a problem when you do not know which questions to ask when hiring such a company. Asking the right questions and getting the right answers will ensure that their services are the ones your business requires. The following are some of the questions that you can ask.

How Will the Rankings Be Improved?
To get a significant improvement in your rankings, you need a powerful SEO strategy. SEO techniques cannot be applied haphazardly with the hope that some improvement can be seen. As such, the company should outline a SEO strategy which can be applied to your business site so as to improve its rankings.

On the other hand, the company should not end up using black hat SEO techniques in an attempt to provide you with faster results. That will be disastrous for your site as Google imposes a heavy penalty on sites using black hat SEO techniques. Therefore, the company should give you a reasonable strategy.

Who Are the Past Clients?
When you are hiring SEO services, you need to pay attention to their track record. Most good companies are willing to tell you about their previous successes. You can follow up those details by contacting those previous clients and seeing what they have to say about the services received.

If the company is unable to provide you with the names of legitimate businesses that they have worked for in the past, steer away from it. They should also tell you about their longest clients. Companies who do not have such long-term clients are either incapable of delivering the services desired or they used black hat SEO techniques for short term gains.

Do They Follow the Best Practices?
Every search engine provides a list of best practices. These documents act as guidelines for SEO consultants for improving the rank of the sites in the correct manner possible. Following the best practices enable the site to ensure that their traffic levels grow in the long run.

As such, SEO consultants and companies must follow them. If the rules are violated, the search engine can penalize the offending site resulting in a massive drop of traffic. The company you hire should be following them or you are risking the future of your site.

Some of the other questions you can ask are as follows.

• How will they provide their reports and how often?
• What tools will they be using?
• How will you be updated as to their progress?
• What their payment structure?
• How can they work with existing marketing strategies?

Hiring a SEO company is all about asking the right questions. Good companies will be willing to answer all your questions and working with you to ensure your success.


Black Hat SEO Tactics that You Need to Avoid


In the world of SEO, you need to follow certain policies. Rules have been established for a relevant, useful, and safe environment. It also makes sure that the users have a quality experience. If you have to rank high, you need to keep up with the SEO trends and the constant changes in the algorithms.

There are people who try to outsmart the search engines for bringing organic traffic to the website without even following the rules that have been set down. They try to break the rule instead. This is referred to as the dark side of SEO and is used by some SEO agency in Sydney. If you are curious then take a look at the common black hat SEO practices mentioned below.

Stuffing of Meta Description

Apart from keyword stuffing, there is another thing that you need to take care of and that is stuffing of meta tag/description. This practice of piling meta descriptions and meta tags with the phrases and keywords is simply an effort to convince the search engine crawlers to rank and index the webpages higher in the search engine for the phrases and keywords.

Since meta descriptions and meta tags are self-reported data regarding what the website is all about, the webs crawlers pay more attention to the content of the site than the metadata. Meta description/tag might fool the crawler to rank the page higher for certain phrases and keywords but without proper keywords in the content, any changes in the ranking in the search engine will be pretty brief. Moreover, it might grab negative attention towards the website.


Cloaking is also a black hat strategy where the SEO practitioners tend to code the sites and the webpages in such a manner that the crawlers are able to see one version but use another one. This is an unethical practice since websites are designed for the users and not simply for the search engines. As a matter of fact, one of the significant guidelines of Google webmaster is not to deceive the users with certain content in the search engine and something different when they open it.

Cloaking is used for highlighting content in cases when the design of the site is friendly to the users but not to the search engines.

Hidden Texts

Quite similar to cloaking is the method of hiding texts. This is a black hat technique in which the text is configured to be unreadable or invisible SEO Company might hide links for increasing the density of the keywords in a page or for the improvement of the internal structure of the link. However, crawlers usually take the hidden text as a spam but with cloaking hidden texts can be used for highlighting text which is ignored or unreadable for a majority of the search engines.

If you have a strong foundation of SEO then your site will have long-term traffic generating strategy. If you take care to avoid the above techniques then you will be able to bring your website on the right track and protect it from the Google penalties. Make sure that SEO agency in Sydney does not use these techniques for improving your website visibility.

What You Can Expect From SEO: Expectations vs. Reality


Everyone knows that SEO is a marketing strategy that is aimed at making your website and each of its pages more visible on search engines and increasing the site’s overall performance. However what most people get wrong is what to expect from an SEO campaign. When put in simple words, the main goal of seo consultant sydney is to have an increased amount of traffic directed to your site with the final intention of converting at least half of this traffic into customers who will increase sales.

However, it is often seen that business owners are made to believe a great many things about SEO that are not quite true and this results in their subsequent disappointment. If you are a business owner, and you have been contacted by an SEO company, this article is a must-read for you. If the SEO Company promises you some essentially unbelievable prospects, here is a short and informative guide which will clear out any confusion about what SEO can do and what it cannot.

White Hat SEO vs. Black Hat SEO

Like all things, SEO services also come in two versions. In general, attempts by SEO services to manipulate the search results on Google or other search engines is called black hat SEO. At times, these strategies may work, but mostly the upgraded version of Google catches up with any manipulation and you have to start over from square one. On the other hand white hat SEO, as the name suggests uses accepted methods and practices that are in accordance with Google guidelines. This method uses quality content, social media optimization etc. to get more traffic for your website and increase its ranking.

When it comes to choosing between these two methods of SEO, it is a no brainer. You must have worked deal in building up your business reputation and it is not recommended to stain your name with unethical practices.

SEO Doesn’t Bring You Quick Riches

This is one of the most common misconceptions that many have when it comes to employing SEO services. You may have heard success stories about SEO or you may have been contacted by an SEO firm that promises first page ranking for a low fee. While this may be true, these rankings do not last long. You may a dramatic increase in traffic and sales within a few weeks but then it will drop suddenly.  This happens when someone had used the “black hat SEO” tactics, which only work for a short while. Doing this may also cause you to get penalized.

Local SEO and Traditional SEO

If you are comparing the offers by different companies you may come across the differences between local and traditional SEO services. Local services rank your website in accordance with geo-targeted terms refer to a specific location. However, traditional services work a little differently and show you website results instead if local listings.

While choosing an seo consultant Sydney it is important that you lay your expectations in front of them and get their honest opinion. Choose a company that makes realistic claims and are upfront with their strategies.

SEO Strategies to Enhance Business for E-Commerce Sites



The importance of ranking higher on e-commerce websites is probably essential for an e-commerce site than any other business website. It is a no brainer that higher ranked sites get more visitors during the course of the day, and the more is the traffic, more will be the revenue earned. Whether you are just getting started with a newly launched e-commerce website or are trying to improve the visibility of an existing site, here is a complete and detailed guide that provides the knowledge of some of the most useful tactics for stepping up your e-commerce SEO game. You can take help from SEO services Australia for better results.

Do Your Research

Before concentrating your energies into a particular SEO campaign, you need to do a thorough research about the most popular keyword searches and the keywords that your competitors are using. This is one of the most important aspects of leading a successful SEO campaigns. Targeting and using the wrong keywords has the potential of ruining your campaigning by causing nothing but low-quality content and negligible increase in traffic. There are three major areas you need to pay attention to when conductive a keyword research:

  • Long-tail keywords have proved to be effective in helping to get maximum visibility in relation to specific searches. Using these to create blog content is a great way to enhance popularity and get more views on your website. A majority of keyword searches done now are long-tail keywords.
  • Research which keywords are most relevant to your brand and products. These can be used to optimize the most important pages of your e-commerce website. Be careful that the keywords you chose are not too broad or competitive as these might get you wide visibility but extremely low relevance.
  • One of the most common mistakes made by most companies is using the same set of keywords to rank more than one page of the website. This is confusing for the search engine as well as the customer and might cause you to lose out in the long run. Make a list of the keywords that you want to be used and make sure that no two keywords are exactly same.

Unique Descriptions for Every Product  

While it might be tempting and easy to simply use the manufacturer’s descriptions for the products sold on the e-commerce website, it is not recommended. Creation of unique and interesting descriptions of every product might seem tedious in the beginning but SEO services Australia can help a great deal in improving your SEO campaign.

Mobile Optimization of the Site

A study has found that one of the major reasons for low ranking of websites on search engines is due to navigation difficulties on mobile phones. A smooth mobile navigating experience can do wonders in making your SEO campaign a success, especially when it comes to e-commerce websites. This includes having a mobile-specific responsive design and an interactive app.

Lastly, it is important that your site is secure. An additional layer of security also plays an important role in increasing the ranking of the site on Google. Put these tactics to effect immediately to optimize searches for your e-commerce website.

A Guide to Building Brand Awareness with SEO


Since SEO can aid optimizing your site for search engines, it can be used for creating brand awareness by improving your position in the search result rankings. Retailers, both big and small are realizing that using SEO just for increasing rankings cannot deliver results as effectively as SEO used for increasing brand awareness.

Importance of Enhancing Brand Awareness

Recently a report on search engine optimizations and what causes an organic flow of traffic to retail sites discovered that one of the most common factors to get a click is general brand awareness. If you think practically about it, you will be able to see the logic behind it. Searches yielding options between well-known brands and little-known names showed that businesses with brand awareness did much better than others. With these revelations, all businesses are investing their resources on website development company Sydney and efforts to enhance brand awareness and create a presence that cannot be ignored through SEO.

Here are some tips to use search engine optimization for increasing brand awareness:

Concentrate On the Site

There is a reason that this suggestion features on the very top of the list. You need to make sure that your site is indexed properly to help the search engine in finding your page. This can be done in several ways like making good use of anchor texts, using meta tags and descriptive headings, and using appropriate, attractive, and accurate page titles. Once this is taken care of you need to shift attention to the fact the search engines are not the only way that people search online. Another major searching option is the search option that features on your website. Additionally, you must make sure that your site helps visitors find what they are looking for and is generally user-friendly.

Using the Right Terms to Search

Studies on user behavior on websites have found that certain phrases and words are more likely to get a click as compared to others. Therefore, if you are selling merchandise with brand name, make sure that the indexing of your site is done accordingly. You would want the search engine to see and recognize the brand name of the product. Using SEO Perth to tailor your site ensures that the right kind of information i.e. information that will generate the most traffic is available to search engines, and thus to your potential customers. Brand awareness through SEO relies on proper construction of the site and coding. It also includes the way your site is indexed.

Target a Specific Demographic

Research on SEO has found that different demographics can be targeted by using some specific measures. It has been found that when it comes to customers who fall in the higher income group, shoppers tend to choose organic links at a greater rate as said by the website development company Sydney. It was also found that brand awareness made a greater difference on customers belonging to a higher income group. Therefore, you need to determine who your business is for and then alter your SEO strategy to target that demography.

Building brand awareness through SEO is a fairly new and emerging concept and experiments are still being conducted by small business, local companies, e-commerce websites, and business tycoons alike.

Discovering the Right SEO Company in Australia

seoNumerous individuals have lost confidence in SEO firms on account of bad experience. Possibly they saw no results, felt that they were deceived into subscribing to a service that couldn’t work, or that they wasted cash on a firm that did them bad. In spite of the fact that there are poor SEO firms out there, there are additionally a lot of great ones. It’s your duty to verify and discover an SEO firm that will work for you. With a specific goal to be fruitful on the Web, your site must be well disposed in search engines.

Search Engine Optimization is a full time work and numerous organizations need to contract somebody to do it for them. In the event that this is your expectation, you ought to recognize what to search for, and what to look for, when selecting the right SEO company Australia.

Verify if they and their customers are well optimized and successful

In the event that your SEO organization does not rank high on most significant search engines under their particular services, then they likely can’t get yours in high position. If you discovered them through pay for click or supported postings, this just implies that they could not even improve their own particular sites and are compelled to pay for their customers.

Also, it is a decent thought to check the achievement of their customers. All SEO companies have a customer posting, if for no other explanation than to offer front page connections to their huge spenders. Examine these customers’ sites. Check with key words and contents. View the source and perceive how well the Meta tags are organized and how well they apply to the content given. What’s more in particular, go to the significant search engines and find where these customers arrive on the search terms they are focusing on. In the event that the SEO Company has made an effective promoting fight for each of its customers, chances are that you’re taking a gander at a decent SEO firm. Notwithstanding, if not the SEO Organization or its recorded customers have high rankings, you ought to discover a firm that does.

Verify they understand how search engines function

Keeping a site at the top of the search engines has turned into a science. The best search engines regularly alter the way their databases rundown sites, and continually change the search criteria used to discover and present pages. To comprehend the nature of an organization’s search engine optimization services, you should first see how search engines function. Search engines list sites in two different conducts: pay for every click postings and Organically enhanced postings. Pay for every click postings is the postings that show up on the top or right half of most search engines under the heading “Sponsored Links” or some associated term. This kind of posting is paid for.seo1

Organically enhanced postings show up at the top point of search engine pages without needing to pay for these postings. This kind of posting is free. Be that as it may, your site must be legitimately upgraded to show up at the top point of all search engines utilizing natural optimization. Search engines use interesting projects which send executors alluded to as “robots” and “spiders” to your site to gather information. Your site must be organized appropriately to support these robots in their search for data. A quality SEO company will know how to legitimately structure your site for top organic optimization and, at last, top search engine position.

SEO Company Sydney – Services


SEO Company Sydney is poised to deliver the best of Search Engine Optimization services to clients within the famous Australian city. Several companies within Sydney have continued to subscribe for the SEO services. Many of them have achieved maximum exposure in search engines and other online resources. They have also continued to generate leads and great profits through the SEO services rendered.

Indeed, SEO Company Sydney is focused on making websites appear more visible in search engine results. It also ensures quick ranking of websites in Google and other search engines. This is often achieved through proper keyword research, keyword analysis, quality content creation, link building, Social Media integration and other unique SEO processes.

SEO Company Sydney engages the best of legal practices in delivering quality SEO results. It helps a lot in making websites to be more visible on Google, Bing, and other popular search engines. It uses the best of internet marking methods, ethical techniques, and white-hat methods in delivering quality results.

Moreover, the SEO outfit offers speedy delivery of First Page ranking in Google and other search engines. It optimizes websites with popular social media networks and also integrates Google Adwords and other advert agencies. The outfit also offers unique web design services, Social Media Advertising, Keyword Research, and a lot more.

Clients can be sure of connecting with well trained SEO experts through SEO Company Sydney. The experts are always on ground to attend to the needs of customers. They offer steady SEO consultation services on regular basis. Furthermore, the outfit offers unique SEO packages at affordable rates. Each of the packages is tailored to suit the needs of different customers. Clients can be sure of taking their websites and businesses to greater heights when they go for the excellent SEO services made available at their beck and call.

The Most Affordable Quality SEO Packages

1Most new and small businesses find it rather difficult to effectively use SEO services to grow their companies. This is because ranking higher than your competition on the web is both time-consuming and expensive. As a result, it is easier for big and established businesses to enjoy SEO benefits, as they can afford them. The good news is that we make SEO services affordable and readily available to any business in the U.S. We have four affordable SEO plans that promise to get your website more traffic.

The Blue Package favors smaller business or businesses that already have other web traffic sources. Such businesses may be seeking additional traffic, and the Blue Package is ideal for them. The cost of this plan per month is $249,and it focuses on 5 keywords for your SEO campaign.

Our Silver Package has a slightly wider focus than the Blue . Up to 15 keywords are used.This may perhaps explain why it is the most preferred package.The Silver SEO plan therefore better suitsmedium-sized businesses that offer additional services and products. The package will only cost you $499 every month.

For campaigns requiring 25 keywords, the Gold Package is the ultimate SEO solution. Itsuits your business needs if you offer various and diverse services. The 25 keywords are enough to cover all major areas of your website fully. It comes at a cost of $799 per month.

Lastly, the Platinum package costs $999 per month, and is especially useful where your SEO campaign requires more than 25 keywords. The package is designed for businesses running SEO campaigns on a larger scale or with competition in mind.

All the four packages cover link building, daily ranking reports, and page optimization for specific keywords. With us there are no set-up fees or obligatory contracts that weigh you down.

Custom-Made SEO

There are times,of course,when the needs of your business require tailor-made solutions outside the stated packages. In such cases, we welcome your inquiry and promise to respond as soon as we are able to develop custom-made plans for your unique needs. Our flexible approach means that we can accommodate your needs in ways that others may be unable to.

To know more information about seo packages australia  visit us!

SEO Company Sydney: A Step Forward To Promote Your Business


SEO Company Sydney

The SEO Shark company, based in Sydney, specializes in SEO solutions and digital marketing strategies that make your online presence worthwhile. Their services are available to start-ups, mid-sized companies and large corporations with customized packages for every client. The Sydney’s SEO company offer packages which include: digital marketing, content writing, web design, search engine optimization, social media optimization, and pay-per-click management, among other services.

Digital Marketing

Visibility in a competitive and crowded online platform requires the understanding and use of specific, internet-based tools that are designed to deliver excellent results. Experience and expertise in search engine optimization, content development and web development are some of the services provided by the SEO company. The Sydney’s team will target your market segment with the aim of delivering specific results. They will do all that is required to ensure that your online marketing venture delivers excellent return on investment.

Search Engine Optimization

Websites that appear on the first page of search engines receive the most traffic. They Sydney’s SEO Company has mastered the ranking techniques of Bing, Yahoo and Google to ensure that your business will always rank at the top. This involves the choice of both primary and secondary keywords. Their placement on content ensures that your site is not regarded as spam, which would reduce visibility.

Social Media Optimization

The uptake of social media presents numerous opportunities to market your products and services, as well as improve your brand image. Some of the techniques involve the use of RSS feeds, video blogs, bookmarking and podcasts. They will make your pages more visible and interactive to improve the public perception about your brand. This is a cost-effective way of ensuring that your brand remains on the lips and in the minds of the public.

Page Optimization

Success in digital marketing requires both on-page and off-page optimization. SEO Shark – the SEO company in Sydney uses legal techniques that will deliver results across different search engines. Optimization is done for content that is to be posted on blogs, websites, social media and forums, among other platforms. This will boost your ranking and compel visitors to engage your services or buy your goods.